Sony Broadcasting E3 Press Conference to Theaters

With E3 right around the corner, anticipation for the annual event is high. Though there are a large variety of different options for a person to watch the various press conferences,  although one such option may make you feel like you’re actually there. Like last year, Sony will be broadcasting their conference to select theaters across the U.S. and Canada. For those of you who missed out on this opportunity last time, as the tickets for that event sold out in minutes, you’ll be happy to know the amount of locations this year has been increased 150%. Not only are there more places for you to view the conference, it’s completely free. This comes from the PlayStation blog by way of nonother than Geoff Keighley, who also stated that he will be hosting a 30 minute post show involving developer interviews and extended trailers from the conference. The conference event will be held June 15 and tickets can be reserved on May 27 so act fast!

Excited about E3 this year? Going to see the conference in a theater? What do you want to see at the show? Let us know in comments below!

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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