Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Announced, Launches Winter 2015

A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game was announced today for the Nintendo 3DS, the new title “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” is planned to launch this Winter 2015, in North America. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a spin off of the wildly successful Pokemon series and the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is a very successful franchise for Nintendo, selling more than 13 million units worldwide.

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is a bit different from its father series. A primary difference is that you play as a Pokemon that was transformed from a human rather than being a Pokemon Trainer yourself. The way a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon determines the starter Pokemon you turn into is (usually) a personality test. The Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon games are turn based and players battle through randomly generated dungeons, recruiting other Pokemon they meet in the dungeon.

I’ve heard good things about prior Mystery Dungeon games but I’ve never given them a chance. While not much is known about the new “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon”, I’m interested in seeing gameplay in the future.


{Source: Business Wire}

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