Blizzard Releases Gameplay for Hanzo in Overwatch

Blizzard continues its trend of releasing gameplay videos for their upcoming game Overwatch, this time focusing on the character known as Hanzo. Hanzo is listed as an offensive type and has many skills to back up that up. The character uses a bow as his main weapon which also has multiple special abilities that include, a sonic arrow that releases a sonar bubble and any enemy that walks through it will be revealed on the map, a scatter arrow which bounces off walls and can hit multiple enemies, and finally his ultimate where Hanzo summons a spirit dragon that can travel through walls and kills any enemies it devours.

Watching the video it seems like Hanzo is a very mobile class, being able to climb up walls and dash quickly around corners in order to take you down with a well placed arrow. You can check out the full 9 minute video below. If you want to learn more about Hanzo you can head to his official page on Overwatch by heading here. You can also check out the gameplay video for Mercy, which we covered in another story here.

Overwatch is set to release on Windows and Mac with a beta also planned sometime later this year.

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