Techmo Koei Announces New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Game

Yesterday in Japan, Techmo Koei held an event to celebrate the 30th anniversery of their Sangokushi series, also know as Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the west. The company announced the latest entry in the beloved series at the event, titled Sangokushi 13. The game will be released for PS4, PS3 and PC. It is expected to release this year on December 10 and is set to retail for 8,800 yen ($72) for consoles and 9,800 ($80) for the PC versions of the game. For those of you who consider yourself collectors, you’ll be excited to know that a special edition containing addition swag was also announced and will retail at 13,800($113) and 14,800($122) for console and PC respectively. No word on a US release has been given unfortunately and with the recent trend of the series’ console iterations not being localized for US markets, it may never make it.

Does this announcement excite you? Are you hopeful that we’ll see this game come westward? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Gamestalk)

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