New Kickstarter for Old School Brawler Fans

If you were a fan of games like Power Stone or Dynamite Cop then you may be feeling like there aren’t games that satisfy your beat’em up needs any longer. You’d be right, the brawler genre has all but disappeared. However, right now you can do your part and help revive it. Popular crowd funding site Kickstarter is hosting the campaign for Combat Core, a new game for fans of brawlers everywhere. In fact the game’s own page cites Power Stone as well as many other games as inspiration. There is even a demo for players who want to check out the game before the decide to back it.  The game sports eight original characters as well as a character creator for those of you that like customization. The funding campaign has only just begun so you still have some time to become a backer! You can check out the games page here.

Combat Core Kickstarter Image

What is your take on Kickstarter? Are you fan of the brawler genre? What are some of your favorites? As always, let us know in the comments below!