First Look at Net High for Vita

The first look at Japanese adventure game “Net High” for Playstation Vita, has been revealed by Famitsu.

In Japan, the online term “riajuu” refers to a person who lives a fulfilling life off of the web. Net High centers around protagonist Oreshi, voiced by Kaito Ishikawa (Gunvolt, Devil May Cry 4, Bravely Default), a 21 year old non-riajuu part-timer and focuses on you trying to uncover riajuu who lie about their lives online using a mosaic of different internet-specific methods.


The game will progress in two phases. The first being the detective work, where you gather information on lying riajuu by way of your followers on social networking, or with the help of Cil, voiced by Maaya Uchida (Drakengard 3, Disgaea 4, Hyperdevotion Noire), an artificial intelligence that’s loaded into Oreshi’s wearable device.


The second wave is the “Flame War,” a heated comment battle, where you must uncover the lies of your opponents by revealing the truth about them. Some battles will be tough, especially against high-ranking opponents, but winning will not leave you unrewarded.

The game’s staff consists of producer Koichiro Tanaka, character designer Koutaro Sugi, scenario by StoryWorks, and being developed by Groove Box Japan. “Net High” is due out this fall in Japan.

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