Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Announced

Battlefield Hardline teased their upcoming expansion in a recent update on their forums, but now it looks like they’re ready to divulge further details on what this new expansion will entail. EA announced today that the first major expansion for Hardline will be called ‘Criminal Activity’, and it will give players access to new maps and a whole evidence-locker’s worth of fun weapons and gadgets to play ‘cops and robbers’ with.

The series will come with four maps labeled ‘Backwoods’, ‘Code Blue’, ‘The Beat’ and ‘Black Friday’. Two new vehicles to cruise around in, two new types of ammo for certain weapons, a new kind of gadget, three new guns, and a new nailgun battlepickup in case you feel like roleplaying as Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 3.

This expansion will also come with a new mode called ‘Bounty Hunter’, however details are currently scarce as to what that will involve. Finally, players can also expect to get six new masks; four headgear options for the police and two new animal masks for the criminals.

The expansion will be launching on EA Early Access in June.

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