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New Street Fighter 5 Trailer Released, Reveals M. Bison

A new trailer for the next numbered entry in the acclaimed and incredibly influential Street Fighter series was released today. The new trailer reveals M. Bison, who spends most of the trailer beating on Charlie and telling the other fighters that they are weak. It’s a pretty cool trailer that shows off some of Bison’s moves and even a super/ultra towards the end of the trailer. Overall, M. Bison looks like he’s still the same evil guy with psycho powers.


M.Bison SF5

Street Fighter 5 is shaping up to be a beautiful game and a worthy successor to Street Fighter 4, which originally had it’s first version released on home consoles way back in February 2009. I’m sure other fighting game fans are just as happy as I am to finally be receiving a full fledged sequel to Street Fighter 4, which gave fighting games the boost they needed to return to the limelight once again.

If you would like to watch the new trailer you may do so below.



Street Fighter 5 is planned for release on the PlayStation 4 and PC, April 2016


{Source: IGN}


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