New Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Afterbirth News

Edmund McMillen has posted another blog for the Binding of Isaac Rebirth Afterbirth which focuses on “…music, murder and mayhem!“, McMillen said on Twitter. According to the blogpost, there is going to be new music that will be added to the game with the update that is coming sometime in the future. A track named “Chorus Mortis” is specifically named with McMillen stating, “this track will be used somewhere in the new game mode.. but im not telling where… NO NOT THERE! …some other place…” This, as well as 7 others tracks, will be available for only $1, along with a bonus track being available if you pay $3.33.

Also included in the blog post, McMillen talks about how he has asked fans to give feedback about The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and what they would want to see in the next update, and goes on to explains that one that stood out the most was sacrifice rooms. He states, “on the gameplay side of things the sacrifice room was meant to be a “i got too much life” archetype, where as if you found more life than you needed you could gamble with it in said rooms… but no one does that.. why? because its too luck based with its payouts.” If you’re unsure which room is a sacrifice room it’s the rooms with the spikes in the middle that you can walk over, damaging yourself in the process with the possibility of getting a chest.


Binding of Isaac Rebirth Sacrifice Room


He also teases a new item to be added in the game but doesn’t give any specifics. In ending the post, he leaves “NEXT WEEK! SOMETHING HAPPENS!?!” I’m excited for the update as I have played many hours of the first Isaac game as well as Rebirth, and can’t wait to see what changes will be coming to the game with the Afterbirth update.

You can follow Edmund McMillen by going to his Twitter here and if you want to check out the blog post for yourself you can head to the official Binding of Isaac page by going here. Also, if you want to check out the soundtrack you can do so by heading to this link.

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