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Civilization: Beyond Earth- Rising Tide Announced

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will be getting a new expansion later in the year. Called ‘Rising Tide’, this new expansion will focus mainly on advancements in water tiles. You’ll gain the ability to exploit the ocean’s depths with new units like submarines while surviving a whole host of new aquatic creatures that will try and take a bite out of your new would-be Waterworld.

Alongside these new units will be four entirely new factions to play as. Ah Falah hails from the Middle East and these interstellar travelers have had a rough journey through space. They didn’t fall into cryogenic sleep like the other Factions, instead their society has gone through multiple generations within the ship itself and now no-one on board knows what Earth even looks like, giving this faction a very different outlook than what we’re used to. There will also be two new biomes to explore in the expansion, one of which being a primordial land.

Rising Tide isn’t just adding new units and factions however, Firaix has also gone back to the drawing board and completely reworked their diplomacy system. Diplomacy was a point of contention with fans in the original release and Firaix wants to improve that. Factions will have more character and narrative added to them with several gameplay tweaks in an effort to make each one more unique and dynamic. A peaceful Faction can be pushed to their breaking point which could potentially cause them to be more desperate to trade or become more militaristic and fight back.

The Affinity system is also receiving some tweaks and re-balancing as well. The system will now be more friendly to those who wish to play with Hybrid Affinities, so players won’t need to feel like they have to follow down one tree in order to be successful. Hybrid Affinities will have their own identity allowing players to build new units and upgrades specific to those hybrid builds.

Side Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide is expected to launch some time in the fall for PC at $29.99

Source: Game Informer

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