“Trolled” Kickstarter Project Relaunching Monday

This past week a Kickstarter project, Dimension Drive, was “trolled” by a user going by the name “Johnathan”. I won’t recap the entire story here but if you wish to read about it you may do so here.

The good news is that after the debacle this past week Kickstarter took notice and contacted the developers of Dimension Drive, 2Awesome Studio. While Kickstarter was unable to provide an extension to the previous campaign, they would allow 2Awesome Studio a second chance to re-launch the project with the hope of finding success this time around. As expected, the developers of Dimension Drive were excited to receive a second chance,  evidenced by the tweet below.


2Awesome Studio has been quick to thank fans and backers of the project, who have been cheering them on ever since the announcement was made. This is great news for the developers at 2Awesome Studio and I hope they deliver a quality product. Let’s also hope that internet trolls stay far away from the project this time.


{Source: 2Awesome Studio}