My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too Episode 6 Review: Talking Like Politicians

If there is one thing that the latest episode of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too has made clear, it is that the most recent request the Service Club received did far more damage than I had thought. Forced smiles, strained and slightly awkward conversation used solely to avoid discussing uncomfortable subjects, and Hachiman seems to be the only one that can see how bad things are. Or at the very least, he is the only one who acknowledges them in his own way. So rather than get the entire club involved with helping people, Hachiman sees fit to just go solo with the next request the club receives.  But how long will such a temporary solution work?

I had hoped last episode would be the last we would see of the new student council president, as she is an annoying, two faced demon. Of all the characters that could walk through those doors and ask for help, the worst one was picked. Hopefully after this current issue is resolved then she will go back into the background. Regardless, the Service Club should probably request help from itself given how broken they are from the tension between Yukinon and Yui. Of course that would mean overtime for poor Hachiman, but lately it seems like he is enjoying helping others.


This time around Isshiki decides that she needs to have someone help her and the student council with the planning and meeting phase for an upcoming Christmas event being put together by two separate high schools. It becomes pretty clear that the entirety of the student council hates Isshiki with a passion, and she’ll just go along with the flow for everything that is said at the meeting. In short, she is not very effective as a leader.

Speaking of that meeting, this is both a great and annoying scene at the same time. The meeting starts off normal, but it then becomes clear that it has devolved into people trying to look smart by talking a lot without saying anything. The other student council president does this almost every time he talks by just spewing out a bunch of buzz words that don’t mean anything. Some humor is added to the situation when Hachiman decides to mimic the president by saying a bunch of nonsense and somehow the president is able to understand exactly what Hachiman said even though Hachiman wasn’t saying anything. The only real issue for me in this episode was the weird hand gestures that were used during the meeting as a character was talking. I know it is probably intended to add something to a scene while a character is talking, but it was way too distracting and jarring more often than not.


Overall, I liked this episode, and I like the continuing development of where the story of this season is going. It is only a matter of time before the Service Club finds itself dealing with its greatest challenge yet, fixing the rift that was created over the past couple of episodes. Hachiman can’t keep hijacking work from the club forever, and it is only a matter of time before Yui or Yukinon catch on to what he is doing. Regardless, there are bound to be many a confrontation in the episodes to come, and Hachiman is going to find himself getting more involved than ever before.