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Space Rogue flys into Steam Early Access

Steam Early Access is home to god knows how many releases, but some stand out more than others. Studio Red Beat may have just brought their first game to Steam but Space Rogue looks like it might already be a star in the making.

The gist is that Space Rogue is a mix between real time strategy and roguelike. (I will include the link to where I found out what Roguelike means).

Where you, “Take on the role of a spaceship captain. Explore new worlds, and engage in intense ship-to-ship battles. Develop unique battle tactics, upgrade your ship, and recruit crew members as you fight for peace or piracy.”

Right now there are over 200 random events to experience in the game. Every playthrough also provides you with a different world. Space Rogue is available on Steam Early Access with a launch discount of $19.79 if you buy before May 21.

As a fan of interesting looking Indie game’s and this one looks like something gamer’s should keep on the radar in the future.

(Source Hardcoregamer)

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