Smite Patch Notes Overview “The Sly Messenger”

Today, Hi-Rez Studios release the patch notes for the next update of their star game Smite.

There are a couple of new skins coming this patch: the military “G.I. Zhong” Zhong Kui, the ironically inspired “Crickeydile” Sobek (you’ll get it when you see the picture), the beach boy “Hunkules” Hercules and the revealing “Beach Babe” Aphrodite. Still in the cosmetic department, Isis gets a new god card.

Now for balance changes:

  • Ah Puch’s Fleeting Breath has it’s damage reduced and Empty the Crypts has it’s duration reduced as well;
  • Awilix’s ultimate Gravity Surge will now grant knock up, slow and root immunity while active, and it also has it’s duration increased;
  • Both Freya and Osiris have their scaling per level tweaked (health, protection, etc).

Last but not the least, the major part of the patch: the newest god, Ratatoskr, the Sly Messenger. He is a Norse god with the appearance of a cute little squirrel and what seems to be some kind of electric power. He carries the “Acorn of Yggdrasil”, which can be upgraded to power up his skills in a different way. As for his kit, he is a skill-based assassin with powers relying on his passive, the multiple upgrades to his acorn. His skills will allow him to be very mobile, as he has a dash, and an ultimate that allows him to travel across the battlefield.

To see Ratatoskr’s full kit, pictures of the skins and all of the other elements not included in this article, follow this link.