Dying Light DLC “Bozak Horde” Teaser Trailer Revealed

Techland’s latest game Dying Light is getting it’s first DLC out of three that are announced: “The Bozak Horde”. For as little as the trailer shows (it is a teaser after all), it conveys the atmosphere in an effective way.

The trailer begins with a Saw-esque moment, as our protagonist wakes up in a bloody room, his leg stuck in some sort of chain, and an ominous voice speaking to him. A T.V. turns on in front of him, revealing a man in a white mask with tears of blood coming down from the eyes, a man who must be none other than Bozak. The video goes on to show cinematic shots of the new map, the addition of a bow an arrow, an intense bomb disarming and, of course, parkour.

The description of the video states that the DLC will take place in the Harran Stadium and will let the players ” […] take on a series of twisted challenges […]. Designed with co-op gameplay in mind, this major addition to the world of Dying Light will offer a hefty challenge even for the most experienced teams of four.” So gather your friends, and get ready for the Horde to release on May 26th of this year.



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