Battlefield Hardline Receiving Major Update in the Future

According to a recent post in the official Battlefield Hardline forums by user dirtydeathdog, lead MP designer for Battlefield Hardline, there are going to be some major changes coming to Battlefield Hardline sometime in the future. In the post, dirtydeathdog explains that there isn’t an ETA for the patch at the current time, but will let fans know the dates for the update when he knows the final dates.

As for the post itself, he details many of the changes coming to the game at a later point in time, with some of the more notable points being,
“- The Rep system has received an overhaul. The Tiers are greatly reduced in cost (esp. T4, which went from 11k to 6k) and easier to obtain during a match. The trees also got some massaging to make them more interesting and better, and this was changed based on Battlelog user feedback (thanks for the input!). In addition, we’ve added the ability to Pre-Select your Rep perks so that what you want is automatically applied once you earn it.

– We’ve got Universal Soldier Aiming and ADS sensitivity sliders implemented for the next patch. Now you’ll be able to set this up how you like.

– We’re working on getting details for Expansion Pack 1 Criminal Activity together. The pack has shaped up nicely, all 4 maps are playing great and give new variety to the gameplay. There are some night maps. There’s other cool stuff in there too, like new Masks, but I won’t spoil it all before the announcement. :)”

Also further down the forums, in a reply to a community member, he also states that there may be possible changes coming to many of the weapons in game. Some of those include things such as increased recoil for various weapons, changes to bullet damage depending on your range, as well as having many bullets be more effective against armored inserts. None of these are final, however, and only being considered at this current time.

It sounds like there are going to be some cool things coming to Battlefield Hardline with the first expansion pack, plus many of the changes in this patch seem to be things people have expressed concern  or given feedback about, so it’s good to see a company listening to their players and fanbase and making the appropriate changes to the game.

If you want to read about some more of the games updates or possible changes you can head to the official forums for the game by heading to the link here.

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