Take Mortal Kombat X’s Jason Voorhees for a spin free this weekend

According to Gameinformer Warner Bros. and NetherRealm are giving players a chance to try out Jason Voorhees for free this weekend in his own challenge tower.

The Premier tower allows you to play as the Crystal Lake killer in a six-match tower that will give you two chances with each of his three styles.

Jason’s Slasher moveset will focus on his machete. While the other two styles Relentless and Unstoppable offer more nuanced gameplay. Both are based on physical attacks and grapples, but with Relentless you can teleport in a cloud of mist. There is also a “pursuit” move that stops opponents ability to dash and run and also reverse’s their controls.

The Unstoppable style gives Jason two extra buffs. One amps his damage, while the other can regenerate health. He also resurrects after being defeated, with part of his health restored based on his special meter.

You have until Monday (May 18th) To give him a whirl to see if you want to add the Crystal Lake killer to you roster of fighters.

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