Splatoon Has One More Play Event Before Launch

Did you miss the previous Splatoon play event and were upset about not being able to try Nintendo’s new team based shooter? Well, I have good news for you. Today Nintendo announced that Splatoon will have one more event where players can try the game out before launch. The event will take place on a Saturday, May 23 to be exact, and will last one hour, starting at 3 P.M. Pacific/ 6 P.M. Eastern. Make sure to download the required software from the Nintendo eShop and set your alarms Nintendo fans because if you blink you might miss the event.

Splatoon has been a subject of some mild controversy recently, primarily over the fact that the game is team based and lacks built in voice chat. Hopefully this doesn’t spell doom for a game that offers a unique spin on a genre that has been getting a bit stale over the years.

Splatoon officially releases May 29 for the WiiU.


{Source: Gameinformer}

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