Six New Rock Band 4 Songs Revealed

The first six songs from Rock Band 4 have been revealed in a recent article by IGN and includes The Seeker by The Who, among others. The full list of revealed songs can be found below.

This Autumn,  Rock Band 4 will be competing with the recently announced Guitar Hero Live, which has revealed 24 songs from its setlist which you can find here.

Both games are shaping up to be fun music games, with Rock Band 4 focusing on the more traditional style of having a full band, including Singer, Drummer, Guitarist and is planned to support most DLC purchased for prior games, as well as supporting instruments from last console generation.

Meanwhile, Guitar Hero Live is focusing on providing a more “innovative” experience, including a redesigned guitar and a new FMV background that’s meant to make you feel as if you are on stage performing with your bandmates. However, Guitar Hero Live only supports the playing of guitar so fans of singing and drumming may want to look elsewhere.

If you would like to make a request for a song to be in the game, you can do so at the Harmonix website here.

Rock Band 4 is planned to release this Autumn for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.