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Satoru Iwata Revamps Nintendo Online

Many gamers like the overthinker and customers alike have expressed some dislike for the online service Nintendo provides. These criticisms point out that Nintendo seems to be “stuck in the past.” It’s not too surprising, really. Nintendo is known for the nostalgia-inducing platform-jumping Mario Brothers we all know and love. It’s known for handheld Pokemon games, and handheld consoles. It’s never been at the apex of online service interaction like Microsoft and Sony. But don’t despair! The current Boss and overlord of all things Nintendo Satoru Iwata has addressed these concerns multiple times over the past year or so, and has now promised a more comprehensive, bridged system via a partnership with DeNA. You can check out the full transcript of the talks here.

This aims to make interacting with Nintendo virtually a simple and cohesive service rather than the individually made, separate services that exist today, and will hopefully appease disgruntled gamers and investors alike. Nintendo has promised more conclusive evidence and structure for investors by October of this year.

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