Some Rare Amiibos Are Being Restocked Soon

In a recent post on the Nintendo Facebook page it was revealed that certain rare Amiibos will be back in stock at certain stores over the next few days. The rare Amiibos being restocked include, but aren’t limited too, Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight. It’s recommended that you check your local retailers or their websites regularly for the next week or so if you’re hoping to purchase any of these restocked Amiibos.

This is good news for the people who’ve been looking for these Amiibos and I hope they’re able to find the one they’re looking for. However, as one might expect, the mere mention of Amiibos has led to several people coming out of the woodwork to express their frustration over how few Amiibos have been available since release and the fact that scalpers are frequently purchasing them to resell at a higher price. It’s a controversy that’s followed Amiibos for quite some time now, hopefully Nintendo can start supplying enough Amiibos to meet demand.