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Nevada Passes Bill to Introduce Skill Based Gambling, Konami Approves

Those wishing for their slots to be a little less luck based are about to get that wish. The Nevada senate has just passed Bill 9, a bill that will allow for variable payback percentages in slots to further enhance the player experience by way of true skill based games, arcade game elements, and other unique features to casinos for the first time.

For example, all players would receive a base payback amount, and skill centered “bonus rounds” would further increase earnings by having players go through levels with elements of shooting games, driving games, and sports games, among others. While this won’t immediately take massive ground in casinos, this opens the door for publishers to get their foot in the world of gambling.

Konami, pachinko tycoon and significant presence in the world of gambling, approves of this move. “[The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers] is especially proud to be the initiator and one of the driving forces behind the milestone event,” states Thomas Jingoli, AGEM President and Chief Compliance Officer of Konami Gaming. “We’d like to thank the Gaming Control Board and Chairman A.G. Burnett for supporting this initiative over the past year and we are excited that Nevada will be the first in the world to offer the full extent of this innovative new form of gaming.” While Konami will be fore-fronting the initiative, no word has come out from other publishers on the matter.


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