Microsoft Denies Bricking Consoles

The hype was real with the remake of Gears of War for the Xbox One being announced.  News travels fast as early access players share screenshots, video game footage and game play reels with one another. This helps with publicity, certainly, but it can cross the thin line between enthusiastic publicity and leaking easily. Which seems to be what happened with this new remake.

News of bricking consoles spread fast from the writers at Kotaku. In part of an email, Microsoft stated that they had “… also permanently disabled their Xbox LIVE accounts (as well as other suspected accounts present on their Xbox One kits) and temporarily blocked all of their Xbox One privileges – meaning that for a period of time which Microsoft decides on depending on the severity of the offense, their Xbox One is entirely unusable.”

However shortly thereafter, Microsoft insisted that the consoles were not bricked. They could still be utilized while offline. However in a world of online interaction and interactivity, with the selling point of the Xbox One being its seamless network and online capabilities, the punishment still feels like a heavy ban-hammer.