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Malware Discovered in Several GTA 5 Mods

In a recent post on GTA Forums it was revealed that at least two mods, specifically “Angry Planes” and “Noclip”, are adding all sorts of viruses to the computers of the people who install these mods. After further investigation it was revealed that Angry Planes infects the user’s computer with spamming/information stealing modules that effect Facebook, Twitter, and Steam, just to name a few. The mod also installs a module that logs your key presses, meaning that any key you’ve pressed since the mod was installed has been logged by the malware admin.

In other words, change your passwords for all of these services, then log out and log back in to all of the accounts after deleting the mod and all its files.

The current instructions on how to remove the virus can be found HERE.

An exact description of the Virus and everything it adds/ does to your computer can be found HERE.

To those affected, I wish you all good luck.