At last, EA will show Star Wars Battlefront gameplay

In a letter written by Star Wars Battlefront’s design director Niklas Fegraeus on the official EA blog,he announces that gameplay footage for the game will be shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, held in Los Angeles.

He begins the letter by thanking every fan who was present at the Star Wars celebration, which was held in April, mentioning the 3 000 fans who had the chance to get an exclusive look at gameplay footage of the game.

“We want Star Wars Battlefront to be not only authentic but respectful to this universe we all hold so dear” says Niklas, later in the letter. The statement is quickly followed with “Simply put, we want every fan of Star Wars to feel like this game celebrates this amazing galaxy far, far away and captures that special magic we’ve all fallen in love with.

EA’s whole conference will be streamed on June 15th at 4pm EST.

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