Destiny House of Wolves Launch Trailer Released

The launch trailer for the new Destiny expansion pack “House of Wolves” has been released today. The trailer provides a general overview of the new content that House of Wolves has to offer, including new maps for the crucible, the Trials of Osiris (a competitive 3v3 elimination mode), the Prison of Elders (a cooperative arena where you can “earn the riches of the Reef”), and a new social hub. The trailer also boasts of new weapons and gear that will be added in the expansion, as well as new story missions for fans of Destiny to complete.

This trailer comes in right off the heels of news that trouble has risen from a patch released late last week, which is reported to have a technical issue that would have effected a large part of the community. This misstep seems to not have effected the release date for the new expansion and Bungie seems to be working hard to ensure fans have the smoothest experience possible with the new content.


You can check out the new trailer below.




Sources: Gamespot, via Bungie

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