Blizzard Releases Gameplay for Mercy in Overwatch

Blizzard’s has recently released yet another gameplay video for their upcoming first person shooter/MOBA game Overwatch, this time focusing on the character known as Mercy. According to the official Overwatch website, Mercy is a support type character known as, “a guardian angel to those who come under her care…” Some of her abilities include being able to shoot a beam that connects to her allies and either heals them or gives them increased damage for as long as she stays connected to them, being able to quickly dash around the battlefield towards targeted allies in need of assistance, and her ultimate ability which allows her to bring allies around her back from the dead with full HP.

Judging by the gameplay video she seems like she could really help in turning a critical fight against the enemy or help in defending strategic points by keeping up your teams HP to fend off the other team. If you want to check out more about Mercy you can head to her official page on the Overwatch site by heading here, and you can check out the gameplay video below.