The Witcher 3: Graphics for a Wild Hunt

With the third installment of The Witcher series debuting on May 19th, there have already been numerous leaks, discussions, screenshots, videos and forum posts dedicated to the discussion of graphics. From many of the leaked videos and screenshots we can see, it certainly seems like a downgrade in terms of quality.
However pre-release looks can be deceiving, and sometimes all you need is a little time. As reddit user killthealias pointed out with the above image, there are surely more updates and options available upon release than we’ve currently seen.

As with the last two installments of the Witcher, you’ll control Geralt of Rivia as his quest across the land to fight monsters, discover the secret of his past and his country’s future, and probably encounter a few lovers along the way. Or more than a few, depending on your fancy. This time, you’re chasing a girl who is as mysteriously connected to the Wild Hunt as you are. What it will reveal about the world, you, and your future.

Whether you’re optimistic about The Wild Hunt or pessimistic, the game will come out on May 19th and put the graphical rumors to bed! If you’re still on the fence about it, check out the game trailer below.

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