Troll Targets Kickstarter Game, Ruins Project

It’s really a sad moment to see your project fail because someone wanted to be a jerk and ruin it, which is exactly what happened today to “2Awesome Studio” and their project “Dimension Drive”. A pledge was made of $7000 dollars by a single user going by the name “Jonathan” and unsurprisingly the developers were ecstatic over the incredible support, as you can see below.


After this congratulations were abound, with several people tweeting about how happy they were that the project was funded. But, of course, disaster struck soon after. During the last thirty minutes of the Kickstarter the pledge was revealed to be fraudulent and the game was suddenly $7000 dollars short of its goal. After the truth about the pledge was revealed the project didn’t have enough time to recover and failed. The developers were clearly devestated about the outcome, as evidenced by their tweets following the end of the project.



Now that the Kickstarter project is over and the smoke is settling it’s not difficult to see that this was a horrible thing to do to someone. Made even worse by the fact that this isn’t the first time this has happened and it certainly won’t be the last. I hope the developers are able to find success with any future projects they may work on, and don’t have to deal with any more ridiculous internet trolling.


(Thanks to Kotaku for breaking the story)