Red Goddess: A Journey Through Mind and Space

Have you ever wondered what lies in your subconscious? A world inside your mind that you may or may not be entirely privy to. Well, one brave goddess did. Thus brings us to the story of Divine—the story of Red Goddess. In Red Goddess you play as Divine, who seeks to save her mind and soul from a corrupting influence that threatens to destroy her from the inside out.

Divine must use the powers of her emotions, to traverse the corridors of her psyche. She’ll come face to face with her negative thoughts, who wish to drag her down into the depths of despair and will stop at nothing to see Divine fall. An unknown force foretells a grisly fate for Divine, and only skilled use of her Rage and Fear persona will see her through.

From the Spanish-based Yanim Studio, Red Goddess is a side-scroller platform game, with a combo-based combat system. You take the role of Divine, a young goddess on a quest to defeat the mysterious “Narrator” who haunts her mind. Her Rage and Fear personas will aid Divine as she encounters enemies (Negative Thoughts) that need a specific touch to take them down.

Two years in the making, created by a six-person team (and an impressively successful Kickstarter,) Yanim Studio’s first big foray into video games is an ambitious and inspiring undertaking. While they’ve done animation for music videos and educational purposes, this project is on an entirely different scale.


Along with the game, Yanim Studios will also be releasing a short film for Red Goddess on July 1st. The game will compliment Red Goddess’s story and help in understanding the world and mythology of the game.

Red Goddess is set to release on a number of consoles, though with differing dates. Red Goddess will release on the Playstaion 4 in late June of this year. Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Linux will receive the game in October this year. Red Goddess will also be released on the Playstation Vita and Wii U in the first quarter of 2016.

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