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PS4 Hacked, Stores Selling Pirated Games in Brazil

The PS4 has been hacked and pirated games are being sold by some electronic stores in Brazil. At the low, low price of $100 USD you can have ten pirated games installed on your PS4. This information popped up in a recent article on wololol.net, who reported on rumors that the PS4 had been hacked in Brazil weeks ago. The rumors were proven correct on May 12 by trusted journalists at UOL Jogos and was verified on a test console.

Sony has already taken legal action against other types of piracy in Brazil, sending cease and desists for things such as account sharing and also releasing a patch that negated the previously common form of piracy. This obviously confirms that these store owners have found a new work around and will likely continue using it to full effect until it’s patched or changes in hardware make it impossible.

It is believed that the hack originated on a Russian website but could have actually originated from pretty much anywhere. The hack is also believed to be similar to a hack that is widely known for the PlayStation 3. Hopefully the issue can be resolved without too many problems, but even if the issue is resolved quickly I’m sure pirates will find another way soon enough.


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