PAYDAY: Literally Robbing Banks

The game got pretty real for the Bendigo Bank in Sydney, Australia yesterday. While a host of gamers were practicing teamwork to coordinate sophisticated bank heists with the clever use of terrifying masks in the latest installment of the PAYDAY series, two real-life bank robbers were earning a very different, very illegal sort of payday. By robbing the adjacent bank of “an amount of cash” while bedecked in much-less flamboyant ski-masks. Here‘s the direct news article for the bank robbery shenanigans.

This may seem like an utterly comical, if unfortunate series of events. Much like a grand, cosmic coincidence. Unless you consider the fact that this is the second time such an incident has occurred in the past three years. One month after the announcement of PAYDAY’s sequel, The Heist another robbery occurred, this time with video evidence! Check out the old robbery here.

They don’t appear to be the same bank though. One was on Kent Street, and this new robbery occurred on Elizabeth street. Just for funsies, lets see just how far apart these two banks are from one another.

They are 40 minutes apart by car, an hour apart at most, if you take the scenic route.

So, either PAYDAY has an unfortunate series of cosmic coincidences surrounding press releases and promotional events, or Australian fans just know how to go harder than every other fan in the history of all fandoms everywhere.

If you wanna get aboard the hype train in a less illegal way, check out the new PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition here.

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