Pac-Man Turns 35 and Gets His Own Party

Everyone’s favorite round, yellow, dot munching character Pac-Man is turning 35 this year and there is going to be a party to celebrate the occasion. Namco recently opened a brand new dining and entertainment venue called Level 257 in Illinois, and to kick things off, is going to be having a party for Pac-Man. The party is set to begin on Friday, May 22nd and go to Saturday, May 23rd. Everything starts Friday afternoon with a panel by Professor Toru Iwatani, the leader of Namco’s development team for the original Pac-Man. Then starting at 7PM and going till midnight will be all kinds of fun activities such as free bowling, air hockey, table tennis, classic games, DJs, and even live performances of Pac-Man Fever by the original artist Jerry Buckner.

There will also be a meet and greet the following day on Saturday with Billy Mitchell, the first person to ever score a perfect game on Pac-Man, Walter Day of Twin Galaxies, and other special guests who haven’t been announced yet. General admission is free but there is also a VIP ticket that costs $35 per person and will include a private reception, a meet & mingle with industry VIP’s, limited edition swag, games, and of course birthday cake. Tickets can be purchased here.

[Source: Chicago Tribune, Level 257]

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