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Life is Strange Episode 3 has been given a release date

In a post on the Square Enix blog today, it was announced by developer Dontnod Entertainment that Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory has been given a release date of May 19. Along with the announcement came a teaser image of Max and Chloe attempting to infiltrate Principal Blackwell’s office under the cover of darkness. Life is Strange fans are sure to be excited about this announcement and teaser image, which promises that Life is Strange isn’t going to lose its intensity any time soon.

If you are interested in playing Life is Strange the price of the game per episode is $4.99 USD or $19.99 USD for all five episodes in one package. Those who have downloaded the first episode to see if they like the game have an option to buy a pass for episodes 2-5 at a cheaper price. This modified season pass is available for $16.99 USD.

If you would like to hear a second opinion on Life is Strange before you pick it up you can check out Leviathyn’s review of Episode 1 here or Episode 2 here.