Double Fine’s Massive Chalice gets a Release Date

Double Fine Productions has revealed the release date for the Kickstarter-funded strategy game Massive Chalice in an e-mail sent to the game’s backers. The PC version will be released on June 1. The Xbox One version isn’t coming out on the same day, though Double Fine has ensured players that the game will release “around then.”

Massive Chalice is a strategy game in which players control soldiers in the war against the Cadence, a mysterious enemy that is laying siege to the world. The game takes place over centuries in the war against the Cadence. The trailer, which can be viewed below, sheds light on the premise and game play mechanics of Massive Chalice.


Double Fine has also outlined some of the improvements the full PC release will contain, including controller support, balance tweaks, and achievements.

Source: Game Informer