DLC Zones for Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online Studios, the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, are known to be working on 5 new areas in Tamriel.  One of the benefits of being an ESO Plus member is access to these zones, although players who are not subscribed will still be able to purchase them separately.



Orsinium is the city of the orcs, and lies in the region known as Wrothgar, or the Wrothgarian Mountains, in the north of Tamriel between High Rock and Skyrim.  Orsinium has a bloody history of being destroyed and rebuilt as the Orcs have been the targets of racial discrimination on countless occasions.  In the world of the Elder Scrolls Online, Orsinium has been given to the Orcs as part of the alliance that formed the Daggerfall Covenant and will be an explorable, PvE zone with mountainous, rough terrain inhabited by giants and ogres.  The city of Orsinium itself is a massive settlement of huge stone buildings dusted with snow, rugged and battle-scarred, with multiple layers built up on the ruins of its past incarnations.

Quests associated in Orsinium are likely to revolve around the Orc King Kurog, the followers of Malacath, (the Daedric Prince of the Spurned and the Ostracized), and the followers of Trinimac (a warrior spirit of the original elven tribes) who want to get rid of the Code of Malacath.  The player will then assist the Orcs in restoring Orsinium to glory.  In-game Orsinium can be seen here:



Murkmire is a new addition to Tamriel lore, located in western Blackmarsh, south of Shadowfen.  It has not been seen before in previous Elder Scrolls games and will be primarily composed of swamplands, uplands, and bogs.  Dwellers of Murkmire include the NPC Naga, a race of snake-like humanoids, a new variety of Dreugh, a fire-breathing turtle with a large, spiky shell and a monstrous creature Zenimax have called an “Argonian Behemoth.”

Like Craglorn, Murkmire will be an Adventure Zone filled with content for 4-person and 12-person groups, including delves and trials.  The zone is thick with animated plantlife and water areas, and hopefully will be dotted with ancient temples and ruins of the Argonians’ once-proud civilization.  You can check out in-game Murkmire in this video:


clockwork city

The Clockwork City of Sotha Sil is a giant mechanical city created by Sotha Sil, one of the members of the Dunmer Tribunal.  Inhabited by hostile, mechanical creatures, its architecture is clearly Dwemer-inspired.  Its true location is unknown, although it is rumoured to lie in the southern swamps of Morrowind or deep beneath the city of Ebonheart.

Not much information has been released about Clockwork City but it looks amazing.  Check out the in-game footage of Clockwork City here:

sdsdsdkjhjkhjk jhj ABAH’S LANDING

Abah's Landing eso

Abah’s Landing is not currently in Elder Scrolls official lore, so it will be a new location created for ESO.  There is little information regarding this zone at this time, although the video footage, including a statue of Nocturnal and various characters dressed in stealth gear, suggests that the zone may be linked to the Thieves Guild.

You can see the footage of Abah’s Landing here:


Mephala’s realm, properly known as the Spiral Skein, is the Oblivion realm of Mephala, the Daedric Prince of Lies.  Mephala’s domains are rumoured to be both diverse and hidden, and all bound together by strands of “magical ghostweb.”  There are eight different ‘spokes’ in the wheel of the Spiral Skein, and each of the spaces in between the Strands of the Skein are devoted to a different sin.  Many of them resemble caverns or tunnels, filled with Mephala’s Spider Daedra and other horrors.

As yet, not much information has been released on this zone.  Mephala’s Realm can be seen here:

So there you have it, 5 new zones under construction for The Elder Scrolls Online.  These areas look amazing; the only fears I have about the new content is that they may not be available to explore and experience without a party (such as Murkmire.)  I feel this is an oversight, as the grouping tools in ESO are far from perfect, so if you don’t have at least 3 friends who play you may be missing out on some awesome content.  For updates on when these zones will be released, be sure to keep an eye on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.

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