Destiny Update 1.2.0 Delayed, “Issues” Cited

Bungie is working to correct a late-breaking issue that has been found in patch 1.2.0. The issue “would have impacted the way the game launches for a large portion of you,” says Bungie’s community manager David Dague.

“Progress is being made. We’ll be sharing new details on the deployment schedule that leads to House of Wolves as soon as they become facts. At the very least, you’ll hear from me once a day about this. Hang in there, and thank you for your patience.”

The 1.2.0 patch was released on May 6th but won’t go live until just before the launch of House of Wolves May 19th, thought if issues continue the release of House Of Wolves could be delayed past the 19th.

According to a list of new content found on IGN and other info found on Forbes, House of Wolves will bring new loot, raid gear, weapons, armor and exotics, ships, vendor gear, from what I can tell 3 new story missions that will focus in the Awoken Queen and her Brother to some extent, 2 strikes, raid’s, Crucible challenges to those’s of high enough level since this expansion seems to be for those’s who have fairly high levels. House of Wolves will run $19 and will be a part of the Destiny season pass. House of wolves is coming for PS4, PS3, 360, Xbox One.

Here is the House Of Wolves trailer.

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