Retro Chic: RPG Maker 2K3

Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana are among the most iconic, classic Role-Playing Games or RPGs. The style, the battles, the stories of good versus evil today may seem simple to some but for a generation that grew up being told about how great they were, and of course the generation that got to experience them new, there’s that air of nostalgia about a classic RPG game that you really can’t find anymore.

Now that nostalgic feeling of seeing 16-bit characters fighting wolves in the forest en route to saving their homeland is right at your fingertips via RPG Maker 2003 for Steam; available in English for the first time ever! Get your hands on this engine for $19.99 and with little more than your imagination, you’ll be capable of creating and sharing your own game with anyone and everyone.

RPG Maker 2003, though an older engine, remains one of the most popular versions of RPG Maker and marked a turning point for the series by using a sideview battle system, like many 90s RPG games. Some may be put off by the thought of using a dated engine, but from personal experience, I can attest that the engine is capable of delivering a satisfying experience, even as a fan of more modern RPGs. It should also be noted that RPG Maker 2003 has features not available in XVAce, which is the latest in the RPG Maker series.

The sheer amount of effort that you can put into your creations is staggering. You name the items, the attacks, the spells, the characters, and so much more. You create your world from the ground up, with pirates, ninja, samurai, and several other types of protagonists!

An example of a battle you can create with RPGM2K3.

An example of a battle you can create with RPGM2K3.

A lot of people have made games using pirated versions of RPG Maker 2003,  attesting to the popularity of the engine. This has been a long time in the making and fans who created their games using the pirated version of the game now have a solid platform to bring their ideas and creations to the public with a prime product with a great deal to offer!

For more information, you can check RPG Maker 2003’s Steam page.

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  1. ShadowFang

    They really gotta move on to making a 3D RPG Maker. Keep this around as a “2D RPG Maker”, but they need something new. That “Yume RPG Toolkit” coming up will hopefully be good, because man, it’s time someone did.

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