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Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Review – Still Lots of Death, It Just Looks Better!


So if you haven’t died enough in Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 or Bloodborne, try Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Basically a redone version of Dark Souls 2, but guess what? Things just got alot harder. Not only did they bump up the graphics and smooth out frame rate and overall gameplay, they also added things to increase difficulty and switched around items and enemies. One example is when you first start walking through Forest of the Fallen Giants: it used to be a peaceful little stream with a few easy opponents near the end, but now it houses a giant armadillo looking beast!! With the level you’re at when you first encounter him, it can be a bit intimidating and, if you’re like me (extremely new to the Souls series), you make every possible effort to stay clear of him.

From Software’s remastered RPG is action packed and full of new surprises around every corner. Between the new and faster frame rate, the amped up graphics and the addition and switching around of items and enemies from the previous version of the game, it’s sure to keep you busy for countless hours. Another new addition to this game is the fact that it comes pre-equipped with all three DLC expansion packs: Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Ivory King and Crown of the Sunken King.

This is just a small taste of what this games graphics look like on next gen.

This is just a small taste of what this games graphics look like on next gen.

This new rendition of the last gen game is bound to please all fans of the Souls series, bringing a little nostalgia from Dark Souls 2 while still giving veteran players a challenge. Players that played Dark Souls 2 will find that this game is quite similar to DS2, but there were enough changes done to this version of the game to not make it an exact replica. Players that are new to the way Souls games work and how the mechanics of the games operate, this game might be a bit more than just a challenge. Being new to the franchise myself, I felt lost, without a sense of direction or where to go next that was within my level of play. I found myself multiple times going to places such as Heide’s Tower of Flame and quickly realized that I was far from being ready to be able to take on the enemies that waited for me. There’s really only two types of players that should get this: players who have a good understanding of the previous Souls games and newcomers who have heard about the types of games From Software makes and want to take on the challenge. If your totally new to RPGs of this caliber, but still want to give them a try, I highly suggest getting your hands dirty in another game from that developer called Bloodborne. It has a more linear style of gameplay and is a little more forgiving as far as items to replenish your health and stamina. I personally think that if your a fan of the original DS2, you might wanna wait till the game goes down in price because for as much as this game is different from the original, I’m not too sure that it’s enough of a difference to pay the full 60$ for it. Will you test your gaming skill and patience or will this game send you running for the hills in fear of your life?

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This review was based on the Playstation 4 version of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

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