The next addition to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s team for the upcoming game Heroes of the Storm have recently hinted their next hero character that will be available to fight within the Nexus.

Kael’thas Sunstrider first appeared in the RTS franchise of Warcraft. He is a Blood-elf and he is the last prince of the Sunstrider dynasty. Kael’thas also had a large part to play in the second expansion pack of World of Warcraft; Burning Crusade, characters would face him in the Tempest Keep; The Eye, after defeating him you will face him and kill him at Magisters Terrace.


There are speculations on what his hero type will be and what his abilities will be. Kael’thas is a mage/wizard in lore so it is right to assume he will be a long range caster in Heroes of the Storm. In the clip revealed he is also shown using fire magic. I am also speculating that he may summon his famed companion Al’ar as a skill along with other Arcane/Fire magic.

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