GOG Galaxy Beta Now Available

GOG Galaxy was first announced last year, but today, GOG Galaxy launched in beta. Steam and Origin are popular gaming content delivery services – but each has DRM attached to it. GOG Galaxy has no DRM, and features that the other clients lack. If an update breaks a game or strips features, you can use a built-in rollback feature that takes the game to an earlier version in just one click. You also don’t need an online connection to use GOG Galaxy, so worrying about Steam’s offline mode working properly isn’t something you need to concern yourself with here.

Every game has a one click install, and if you want a game to auto-update, you can just turn off auto-updates on a game by game basis if you so desire. You can also backup your purchases with a backup installer that allows you to back something up to an external disc, a drive, or put it in the cloud. In-game features include multiplayer modes for classic and new games, achievements, and time-tracking. Just like Steam, this can be a fun way to see how your time spent with one game compares to another.

Crossplay is enabled for GOG Galaxy and Steam purchases as well – so if a friend sticks with Steam and you go with Galaxy, you can still play with one another. A friends list and online chat are now available, with game invites and joining functionality coming soon. You can choose to not use every feature, so if achievements don’t matter to you, just turn them off. The client is completely mandatory a well, so if you just want to play things via the GOG site itself, you can. If you would like to join the beta, just go to the GOG Galaxy link above and enter your e-mail address.

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