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Microsoft Announces May Games with Gold Lineup

Last month’s Games with Gold was pretty spectacular, so it was already going to be tough to match that. However, even the humblest of gamers might find May’s Games with Gold lineup a tad disappointing, no matter which system you are on.

The Xbox One is receiving CastleStorm: Definitive Edition and PoolNation FX. CastleStorm is a familiar, yet solid, take on tower defense that calls Angry Birds to mind, albeit with significantly more depth. It provides some definite chuckles with its humor and rampant pop culture references, but the gameplay rarely rises above being simply solid. PoolNation FX has one job: be a billiards simulator. Unfortunately, it fails spectacularly on that front. Currently sitting at around a 4 on Metacritic, it’s safe to say that PoolNation FX is not going to be the highlight of anybody’s month. The fact that this turd was also available last month doesn’t do it any favors.

Xbox 360 gamers do get a couple of interesting titles: Mafia 2 and Formula 1 2013. Reviews for Mafia 2 have been mixed somewhere between good and really good, and is definitely a title that deserves a look for fans of open world games, mobsters and good storytelling. F1 2013 is a solid racer that brings absolutely nothing else to the table. If you are in search of a bland, yet competent racer, then F1 2013 is right up your alley! That sounds a bit snarkier than I intended, but it’s also the truth.

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