silent hills

Update: Silent Hills is Definitely Cancelled

Update: Game Informer has confirmed this Silent Hills, or this iteration of it at least, is officially cancelled. If you have a beer handy, feel free to pour one out in sadness for what could have been.

A flurry of rumors around the Internet have all but confirmed the cancellation of Silent Hills.

What began as a unknown playable teaser called P.T. (which was one of the coolest things in recent memory), eventually blossomed into a collaboration between Konami’s Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro for Silent Hills. They had the awesome teaser, they had a great trailer and they even had Norman Reedus on board…until it all came crashing down. When what began as rumors about Kojima’s exit from Konami turned into facts, the fate of Silent Hills became an important question. While nothing is absolutely confirmed yet, things are not looking good for the title.

First, Guillermo del Toro, when asked about Silent Hills, reportedly announced that “it isn’t going to happen, and that breaks my greasy heart”. Next, Norman Reedus tweeted about the projects cancellation as well.

Sad news indeed. All that is left is for Konami to read the eulogy it seems. Based on what we saw from P.T., Silent Hills had a chance to be something truly special, and while it is still technically possible we will see it, the departure of its top talent does not bode well for horror fans. What a bummer.