EA Sports UFC Mobile Now Available

EA Sports UFC has received a ton of post-release updates and patches, making it one of the best MMA games ever made as a result. Today, EA announced that their UFC franchise is making its mobile debut with EA Sports UFC Mobile. This free-to-play title is available now on Google Play and is surprisingly not available on iOS devices or on the Amazon Appstore.

However, MMA fans with iOS devices can still get their fix with EA MMA. Google Play users can enjoy high-quality graphics with EA UFC Mobile, which also features intuitive touch-based controls and a massive roster. Over 70 fighters across four different divisions are available. There’s a leveling up system for each character that allows you to get new moves across every position inside the Octagon.


Heavyweight, middleweight, lightweight, and flyweight classes are included, with a bit of weight class merging being used as Jon Jones is now a heavyweight, as are some of the lighter-weight fighters. Surprisingly, Daniel Cormier isn’t in this game while former UFC fighters like Chael Sonnen and Pat Barry are. No post-release characters like the legends roster are included yet, and there aren’t any female fighters available – so those wishing to armbar folks on the road with “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey are out of luck.

Still, with it being free-to-play, the barrier of entry is next to nil. Since it doesn’t cost anything, MMA fans with a powerful enough device and enough storage should give it a shot. There are worse ways to spend a long wait in line, or just killing time for a doctor’s visit than smashing folks up in an MMA game on your phone.