Invisible, Inc. Set for PlayStation 4 Release

Invisible, Inc. has been highly-anticipated by PC and Mac-using strategy gamers for quite some time. The PlayStation Blog announced that the game will be headed to the PlayStation 4. Its blend of roguelike and strategy gameplay uses procedural generation to keep things fresh, and uses stealth to help you fee like a field agent. As the leader of a team of spies, you’ll invade secure complexes. You’ll attack targets, steal from enemies, and upgrade your team throughout the game. However, like any roguelike, death is permanent. If an agent dies on the field, they’re done. You’ll start off with 10 agents amid six different variants.

X-COM veterans will feel right at home, while the random nature of every play session ensures that even those who consider themselves experts will still be challenged frequently. Newcomers to the genre will have their work cut out for them – so it’s best to at least play a bit of X-COM or even Transistor to get a feel for an isometric turn-based combat system. While the game is set for a release on PC, OS X, and Linux this May, the PlayStation 4 release date isn’t known yet.

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