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Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Update

A quick update this week: the Elder Scrolls Online Crown store has some new additions.  Have you been crafting hard, putting all your blood, sweat and tears into your creations, but you just wish you had found one of those rare and hard to find Racial Motifs to get a different style?  Now, if you’re willing to spend a few crowns, you can buy racial motifs from the crown store.

Racial motifs

Firstly, the Dwemer and Imperial motifs are available, for a massive 5000 crowns each (5500 crowns from the store is $40).  You can also purchase the harder to obtain motifs individually for 1500 each: Ancient Elf, Daedric, Barbaric and Primal or all of them together in one bundle for 5000.  There is also one bundle each for the Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonhart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant races, though these are priced at 500 crowns. Finally, you can purchase each race’s motif individually for 200 crowns.


Also added in the same update are scrolls with which you can respec your skills or attributes.  This can be done in-game for a price that becomes more expensive as you level up, but now you can do so via the crown store for a basic cost of 700 crowns.   And for those players who haven’t had the chance to pledge themselves to another in ESO, the Pledge of Mara, is now available for 1000 crowns and gives an xp bonus when the two of you are questing together.

Sadly the senche mounts have yet to appear in the crown store, and in a recent announcement, Zenimax has said that a senche leopard mount will be available only for a few days, for the exorbitant fee of 2500 crowns, before being removed from the store.  This is pretty expensive for a simple reskin.  Hopefully other senche mounts will come available in the future, and at lower prices.

For more details on ESO’s Welcome Back Weekend you can check out the official article here.  And for more information about Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to check out Leviathyn’s ESO Review.