Square Heroes Review- Square Battle Madness


As the video game industry strives to have graphics that look more real than real life sometimes we forget that graphics don’t make the whole game. Gameplay (and story if it applies) should always take the driver’s seat and that’s exactly what Square Heroes does.

Square Heroes is a game Developed and Produced by Gnomic Studios; the game’s main focus is multiplayer as it pits, as the name suggests, square heroes against each other to see who will reign supreme in the Galactic Tournament. You can think of the game as nice little mix between Worms and Awesomenauts; you have the weapon variety seen in the many Worms games combined with the fast paced competitiveness you see in games like Awesomenauts.




The game starts off with a fairly simple tutorial to get players used to the controls of the game and quickly lets you enter into a Deathmatch battle against an NPC so you’re not blind-sided when you hit the online battlefields of Square Heroes. The best part of these Deathmatch battles is the little spherical blobs that float around the battlefield, these little guys are the best. The game is pretty straight forward: you start the every match with nothing but your melee weapon and as you get kills in the match gold coins drop that allow you to unlock the weapons in your loadout. Well, these little dudes drop coins for you and will take a bullet if they are between you and your enemy, which is good for me because I am not the best player and always appreciate additional aid (I’m one of the many that was super excited about AI players in Titanfall).



When all the players in the game are squares customization holds a bit of importance, you don’t want to lose your square in the middle of a battle. You can change the color of your square hero and give me an awesome hat but I find myself wanting a little bit more, maybe a nice bowtie. The odds of you confusing your little square with someone else’s is actually not very likely but I’m a sucker for being able to customize characters and maybe if I put the idea out there it’ll happen.

The multiplayer is obviously the focus of this game and it shows with the incredible amount of time you can spend having a blast playing with friends whether it be with friends or complete strangers. You can either enjoy LAN or online multiplayer matches depending on how sociable you feel like being that day.


If you enjoy games like Worms, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, and Awesomenauts then you will very likely have a blast with Square Heroes, but if you absolutely need a game with real world graphics then this is probably not your game. The game is very cartoony but it works perfectly for it and if you give the game a chance I’m fairly certain it will surprise you and then you’ll look at your watch and wonder where the time went.

Square Heroes is definitely worth chance but if you don’t think it might be your cup of tea you can always wait for Steam Sales and hope it makes it in there. It’s actually a lot cheaper if you buy a pack a three and then you’re guaranteed to have at least two other people to play with.

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