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Two Expansion Packs Announced for The Witcher 3

With just a little more than a month left until the release of The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red has announced that two expansions will be released for the game post-launch. These expansion packs will be released in addition to the 16 free DLC packs that will be given out to the community periodically.

The first is Hearts of Stone and it is slated to release in October of this year. This addition to the story will include a 10-hour quest line that will take place in No Man’s Land and the city of Oxenfort. The quests will also focus on Geralt’s contract wit ha mysterious figure known only as “The Man of Glass”.

Blood and Wine, which is expected to release in early 2016, will add on 20 more hours of content, and a new region known as Toussaint. On this surface, this area seems to be relatively safe, but it holds secrets players will have to uncover for themselves.

In addition to the new areas that will become available, new armor and weapons will also become obtainable, and new types of enemies to face will be presented as well.

The season pass for the expansion pack can be preordered on its own or bought together with the game here at the official site.

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