Edward Gaming Gets Swanky New Gaming “House”

In America, football teams get lavish training facilities. In China, eSports teams get the same treatment. Edward Gaming, also known as EDG, is one of the top League of Legends teams in China. They just moved into their new gaming house, and team member U posted some pictures to celebrate. Here are the images, thanks to some fans on Reddit:

IgWgzMB - Imgur

Not bad, huh? That’s some serious space EDG’s got there. The ceremony  looked more like a Hollywood event than anything else:

03 - pV3MA0f

There’s also a few pictures of the huge interior. I have no clue what the team is going to do with all the space.

09 - umsJ6MB

Check out the rest of the pictures on Imgur if you want to be supremely jealous of people making a ridiculous living playing video games.

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