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Microsoft Goes Big With April’s Games with Gold

It looks like Microsoft might be making a real push to overtake Sony in the free games department. Microsoft came through in a big way with their excellent Games with Gold lineup for March, they are doubling down and offering twice the games for April, and the best part is they aren’t sacrificing quality for quantity.

All month long, Xbox One users can download Pool Nation FX and Ubisoft’s Child of Light (read our review of that charming title here). While I haven’t played Pool Nation, Child of Light is a fantastic game that I would recommend to any RPG enthusiast. I would have liked to see at least one bigger release on Xbox One, but the Xbox 360 releases this month are the real stars.

Instead of the usual two games, 360 users get four. Starting on 4/1, players can download Gears of War: Judgement and Terraria. Judgement may not be many people’s favorite entry in the Gears saga, but it is a full-fledged AAA title, and I had a lot of fun with both its single and multiplayer content. Terraria is a game that some may not enjoy due to its high degree of difficulty, retro graphics and obtuse systems, but just as many people may find themselves pouring days into its rewarding gameplay. Those two titles alone would have made for a good month, but that is just the first half.

On 4/15, 360 users can then download Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Army of 2: Devil’s Cartel. Me (and Tim, who reviewed the title here) were both big fans of Black Flag, which adds a significantly pirate-y tone to the tried-and-true Assassin’s Creed experience, and getting it for free is an absolute coup. Devil’s Cartel is a polarizing game for some, but offers, if nothing else, a fun multiplayer diversion over a weekend.

Either way you slice it, this is another great month for Microsoft’s Games with Gold program. We expect to see Sony’s lineup soon, but it’s fair to say they have some work to do if they want to match Sony this month.

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